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with our proprietorial Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) tasks, through our knowledge portal www.thesica.org

Thesica is where all the Academic action is...®

ThesicaAccenterra hosts, maintains and manages www.thesica.org, the #1 Open Access web portal for PhD theses...

www.thesica.org aims to build a comprehensive non-institutional digital repository of PhD theses that can be used by researchers working in any discipline. Make your thesis available to a larger audience.

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Ph.D. theses archive

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Measured by download-count, a Ph.D. thesis is one of the most popular items in Open Access repositories. But unless a thesis is published, it is very difficult for other researchers to find out about it and get access to it. Theses are often under-used by other researchers. www.thesica.org attempts to address this issue by making it easy to identify and locate theses in various disciplines.

Promotes research needs

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We constantly realign our strategies to strengthen our market value, and gain advantages through cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intellligence (AI). We ensure industry-specific deep dives, access to updated research through database of authentic research and information. We promote result-oriented collaboration with researchers and thereby facilitate active collaboration with industry and academia.

Interaction of academia

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With the active involvement of the international academic community, www.thesica.org aims to create an outstanding repository for preserving more than one million Ph.D. theses in a digital format. We are confident that with the sustained interaction of global academia and industry, www.thesica.org will continue to grow as an easy-to-access workplace for scholars of all disciplines.